Beginning June 30, 2016
Our new location will be: 110 Cruz Alta Suites A & B Taos, NM 87571
This is the one-story brown building, right behind Walgreens



I help clients plan their estates to protect their partners, children and other heirs and make sure that their intentions are carried out; making sure the right people get their inheritance. I also help them establish proper documentation so that others can manage their financial affairs and make medical decisions for them in case of disability.  This may involve the use of wills, trusts, powers of attorney and a variety of other estate planning tools.


I also help clients carry out the provisions of wills and trusts left by others and distribute estates of deceased persons who have died without a will or trust. This includes persons who lived in Taos County at the time of death (domiciliary probate) or who lived elsewhere but owned property in Taos County (ancillary probate).

A comprehensive list of services can be found under the SERVICES tab, or click HERE….

For additional Probate Assistance visit the Probate Center of New Mexico.


I have practiced estate planning, trust and probate law for over forty years, since  1972, in Virginia, Florida and now in New Mexico.  A summary of my education, training and other qualifications can be found at the BIOGRAPHY tab, or click HERE….



The details and cost of an estate planning or estate settlement engagement vary depending on the particular facts of each case.  To see the process that is usually involved and the considerations that go into setting a fee as well as the usual range of costs, see the FAQ tab, or click HERE.



            Set an appointment:  I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your particular situation, so the first step is to contact my office for an appointment +1 (575) 758-1225.

            Complete the Questionnaire:  To get the most out of our meeting, it is essential that you come prepared with the necessary information and as clear and detailed an idea as possible about WHAT you want to achieve. The questionnaire may be found under FORMS or click HERE…

            Meet with me:  Once I understand your specific goals, I can provide the HOW to get it done, and I can tell you what the cost will be.

Estate planning is a collaborative process involving you and me and possibly other advisers and participants.  What you put into place will affect the lives of many people.   See our six step plan under GETTING STARTED or click HERE….

Probate and estate administration are processes strictly governed by state and federal law, including tax law.  Careful compliance is necessary for the protection of both the beneficiaries of the estate and the people who are in charge of its administration.



The internet provides endless information regarding estate planning, and some sites suggest that this is something you can do by yourself by simply completing a few handy will and/or trust forms.  Just as do-it-yourself surgery is not a recommended course of action, neither is estate planning.   Lack of adequate and/or proper planning can lead to unforeseen, unintended and sometimes tragic results.  See some examples of results that have actually occurred because people did not adequately or properly plan at Horror Stories under FAQs & HORROR STORIES tab or click HERE….